The academic curriculum in JBBP is enriched by specialists who work with teachers to offer the students great instruction in art, music, taiko, dance, library, computer skills, and physical education. JBBP hires a language and culture coordinator who supports the classroom teachers in the needs and resources that will help students successfully experience the language and culture, and be ready for middle school Japanese.

The JBBP Parent Advisory Council (PAC) provides the leadership and parent volunteers to secure resources to support our enrichment program. JBBP’s annual enrichment budget is around $200,000 each year (~$900/child). PAC supplements teachers’ classroom funds and supports class field trips, that include an overnight trip to Coloma Outdoor Discovery School for the upper grades. Other field trips include the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, the Japanese Tea Garden, Academy of Sciences, De Young Museum, Museum of Modern Art, to name a few. PAC also funds school-wide assemblies and special programs, such as coral singing, puppetry, and Japanese tea ceremony.



Computer lab & Technology Support

Clarendon supports a dedicated computer lab staffed by a technology consultant. In addition to iMacs, iPads, PC laptops, Google Chromebooks and more, Clarendon also offers weekly classes in the computer lab (45 minutes per week for grades K–5th). The consultant works in tandem with classroom teachers to deliver keyboarding skills, Internet-safety and responsibility lessons, and effective online research methods as well as programs/skills needed to support the curriculum in each classroom.

VISUAL Art program

The art program at Clarendon services both JBBP and Second Community Program. Children in the JBBP receive art instruction by the specialist every other week. These classes, led by resident artist Ellen Weinstein, are supported by strong parent funding.

The integrated visual art curricula for grades K-5 includes techniques, processes and skills with multi-media, art vocabulary and appreciation, history and culture. The enrichment provides creative opportunities designed to develop visual communication that fosters reflective, original, and critical thinking, disciplined effort, aesthetic values and multi sensual problem solving, leading to self-confidence and a personal voice for students. Based on and directly relating to current San Francisco Bay Area museum exhibits, Clarendon’s art program also inspires students and their families to take advantage of local opportunities to view, learn, and create in the framework of famous artists, art movements, history, and culture. Clarendon’s art program not only meets but exceeds the National and State Educational Art Standards.



Physical education

Children in the JBBP participate in instructor-led PE classes multiple times a week. Grades K through 5 receive 200 minutes of P.E. every two weeks. The P.E. classes are led by a district P.E. teachers as well as resident PE Consultant Marc LeBiavant, who is paid for with parent funds, a benefit of the strong fundraising at Clarendon. Kindergarten students receive a special class once a week dedicated to motor skills.

The physical education curricula for grades K-5 integrates physical activity with a focus on promoting healthy, active lifestyles. The P.E. curriculum provides creative opportunities for all students to practice discipline, cooperation, communication and positive social interaction through sports and physical challenge through teacher-led games and activities that develop both hand-eye coordination and gross motor skill in all students, regardless of previous skills or affinity for sports. Clarendon’s PE program not only meets but exceeds the National and State Educational PE Standards.

K-3 music

Students in grades K-3rd have choral music lessons throughout the year. The music lessons include Japanese songs that support the program’s mission of helping students learn the language and culture in a fun way. Students have opportunities to perform these songs for the annual Performing Arts Night program, as well as the annual 5th grade graduation ceremony.



4th–5th Grade taiko (music)

Taiko are a broad range of Japanese percussion instruments. In Japanese, the term refers to any kind of drum. The fourth and fifth graders in the JBBP program receive instruction in taiko as part of the Japanese curriculum.


Clarendon has a wonderful library that was renovated by parent funds years ago. Students have the opportunity to visit the library with their class or on their own. The library curriculum includes listening to great stories, learning about the rich book collection, and using books to satisfy the curiosity for learning. The librarian works with teachers to connect library resources to classroom curriculum. The librarian for Clarendon is district-funded.